• BSc Interior Design

  • PG / Diploma in Interior Design

  • Focus on CAD Technologies

  • Certificate in interior design & styling

Welcome to Cindrebay!

We offer an accelerated interior design course in Kerala with high energy and fun academic setting. Our instructors are the lead trendsetters in the industry, assuring you the most up to date and practical education possible. Here, you don’t even need to possess any particular skill set to enroll in any of our interior designing courses in Kerala. Instead, what we look in you are your passion and dedication.

A house becomes a home when your skilled sense meets your creative vision. Our Interior Design course in Kochi gives you all of the training and skills you need to create elegant and cozy homes.

Our Interior Design Course in Cindrebay is designed to help you build the knowledge that enables you to design a residential space. It is through thorough participation and interaction that you will learn to feel confident and find your creative whistle. The exercises we have included in our courses are designed to help you build your first professional portfolio.

Experience the alteration as your thoughts and opinions evolve while gaining more insights and skills in interior design. Enjoy the process of gaining skills that will enable you to communicate your untapped inventive potential with the leaders of the industry.

What makes Cindrebay so unique is that on being established in 2006, Cindrebay represents everything in this world of demanding Design Education.

Emerging as the market leader in design education, Cindrebay has already made a huge impact on the future of more than 8000 students’, through our unique Interior Design and Fashion Design courses.

Decorate your Vision with an Interior Designing Course at Cindrebay. Our Interior Designing Courses focus on the development of a sharp mind while enabling individuals’ creative as well as for analytic capabilities to help them create a better and extensive interior environment and experience. Here, students are trained in a systematic and coordinated methodology which is most often preceded by research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into a general creative process.

Those who want to pursue a career in interior design can take up these interior designing courses in Kochi to learn design solutions that are functional, safe and attractive, and meet the requirements of the industry

So to put up simply, are you are a creative person? Do you have a passion for interior design and decoration? The time has come to turn your passion into your profession. Learn everything you need to know to work in the field of interior design, decoration, home staging, and creation of sets for shows and a lot more with Cindrebay!


Interior Designing Course in Kochi, Kerala

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