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Most Common Mistakes to avoid as a Graphic Design Beginner

Not Being Audience-Oriented

This is probably the biggest and one serious mistake amateur designers make. Design, like any other art form, is about communicating the ideas to the audience and when you fail in doing so, you cannot expect to create a powerful and captivating design. Designs are always made after understanding the psychology, mood, and behavior of the target audience because they will be the ultimate users for any creatives. It is the responsibility of the designer to effectively communicate the company’s ideas through the designs.

For example, if your target audience it mostly ladies and young teenage girls, it would be really stupid to use dark colors like red and black for the brand instead of choosing the soft pastel tones like blue, pink, orange or green.

Limiting Yourself and Your Thoughts

The graphic industry is absolutely a creative industry that offers you liberated freedom to explore new styles, designs, and try new things consistently. As a designer, you should never limit your thinking capacity otherwise you won’t be able to compete with the rest in the heat.

Producing a design in itself is a creative process. Never stop exploring and going weird and crazy. Designing is the only industry where you can completely be mad and still behave sanely.

Too Many Fonts Are Scary

Designing can look fascinating and cowing to beginners but playing with fonts can be fun only if you do that as an exercise. Design with too many fonts can make it look disorganized and can also annoy the viewers. Using too many fonts can give an unprofessional look to your design.

Delivering Less Than What is Promised

Creating a satisfying design isn’t a few hours or a single day task. Designers need some quality time to go through each aspect which is capable of affecting their design structure. Whether you are a freelance graphic designer or work in any MNC, you should always keep things transparent while discussing the deadlines of the project. You can set the deadline as per the expectations and demands of the client. It is always better to finish the project earlier than pulling it over for an unknown period.

Poor Color Selection

Like every other design element, Colors have an excellent impact on the mind of onlookers. Designers should always choose their colors carefully. Creating the right color palette should be their priority because many times, the right design becomes poor just because of the weak color selection. They should know how to blend light color with the darker one for effective branding and communication designs.

Copying Others Work

 Designers always look for inspiration before getting started with the project and they are also advised to go through the works of several other professionals to understand the current trend of the industry. But it is not okay to follow or mimic the entire concept of someone else and pass its own as your work. Copying somebody else’s work will not only hinder your creativity and credibility but also limit your designing abilities. So, these are some common mistakes that designers should avoid.

Before leaping into the real industry make your grip energy over these mistakes. Once you learn to overcome this, then there’s no looking back. There are many certified Animation courses in Kochi that really helps the students to ignite a career in this field. The Graphic designing courses in Kochi train students on how to become an expert graphic designer and turn their skills into amazing creative designs.