Graphic designing course in Kochi
Career Prospects of Graphic Designer

After completing professional graphic courses, the industry will open up plenty of avenues for you to explore. While some people like better to work for companies and media houses, some prefer to be their bosses by opting to become a freelancer. There are many Graphic designing courses in Kochi that provide you stable career options in several domains. We’ve listed a number of them below.

Illustration Artist
With the world’s leading vector software as your weapon, you’ll become an illustration artist. Handmade illustration has become more popular lately and with its increasing popularity, it’s become a full-fledged profession that creative thinkers can explore.

Brand Identity Artist
Brands follow a correct strategy to form a particular position within the industry. With a singular identity, they need people to acknowledge and connect with their brand. They invest heavily in creative artists. With a specialization in brand identity, you’ll choose this as a career option.

Logo Artist
Logos are an integral part of the marketing mix of the brand. Logos defines the core values of a corporation and special skills are required to organize an ingenious, unique, and contemporary logo. If you’ve got that flair, you’ll also become a logo artist.

Banner & Poster Designer
Banners play an important role in captivating the audience’s mind. Banners are essential for company and brand recognition and a really while they need to be one among the foremost popular means of advertisement. this is often also a well-liked career option for graphic designers.

Layout Artist
Layout professionals are liable for creating aesthetic structures and communicating the message by preparing stunning layouts. This field provides an excellent opportunity for graphic professionals.

Visualization Artist & Design Consultants
For artists, the creative potential may be a crucial key. They ought to have a robust eye for visual aesthetics and a flair to know different visual grammar elements. you’ll also prefer to work as a project consultant.

Besides these, there are other options available too like Magazine Layout Editors, UI designers, Packaging Designer, Merchandise Designer, Creative directors, etc

In addition to those career prospects, one also can pursue Animation courses in Kochi and get jobs within the design studio, advertising agencies, manufacturers, marketing firms, movies, etc.

Expected Pay Package for the Year 2020

For fresher’s who want to create a career during this sector have lucrative job opportunities. As per payscale, for starters, the pay package ranges between Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 25, 000 per month and for senior designations the pay scale depends upon the experience, quality of their work, and therefore the organization that they’re working. As you retain climbing the ladder you’ll see tons of opportunities coming your way aside from your regular job, from which you’ll make tons of cash.
At least 40% of communications that a corporation does with its customers is visual. Every product must sell visually first before a buyer picks it up. the simplest thanks to learning techniques and trends in graphic design by joining the best graphic design institute in Kerala. 

In addition to these. there are design courses including Interior design courses in Kochi and Fashion design courses in Kochi that are currently booming like never before. Interior Design Courses in Kerala are much popular among the students who have a high interest in designing both residential and commercial spaces.