• Diploma in Animation

  • Diploma in Animation & VFx

  • Diploma in Visual Effects

  • Diploma in Visual Communication

  • Advance Diploma Animation & VFx

  • Certificate in Web Design

  • Certificate in Graphic Design

Graphic Design and animation are two of the fastest growing and high paying career options in the world today. The demand for graphic design and animation has increased multi-fold due to the rapid developments in advertisements, entertainment industry, gaming realms, etc. Graphic designing courses in Kochi are very popular among graphic enthusiasts in Kerala. Formal training can be of great help in acquiring the technical skills required for this domain. Animation courses in Kochi are also gaining wider acceptance due to its rising demand. Cindrebay School of film and animation offers many Graphic Design courses and Animation courses in Kerala. The courses are designed to understand graphics and animation as an essential frame-by-frame art. We believe each student of our institution is technically, creatively and graphically trained to create plausible motion by acquiring a comprehensive foundation in understanding the principles and elements of graphic design, animation, and its technicalities.

The courses offered at Cindrebay film and animation institute are designed to train students with the technical advances of creative animation. These courses in animation and graphic design train students to create extra-ordinary animated graphics and get recognized in the industry.

After pursuing the animation courses offered in Cindrebay, the students can indeed become successful artists and directors for films, television advertisements, commercial production, and even independent film projects.

We nurture creative student masterminds from all over the World, to translate their artistic dreams into success. We have with us the Future Animators, Gamers, 3D VFX specialists, Interior, Architectural, Furniture, Graphic & UI/UX Designers and Product Designers, who have the chance of shaping their careers at the best animation and graphic designing college in Kerala and mark their global success in the world of Design and Animation. Our thoroughly researched, industry-relevant course curriculum in tandem with studio experienced teachers, high-tech facilities, workshops, seminars, studio internships, international training standards, etc make the academic progress productive and very career-relevant.

With a huge rise in the demand for skilled animators, gamers, specialists, Cindrebay ensure promising careers to cater to this huge demand of the Design, Media and Entertainment industry. We make our students competent for an international marketplace and grab their dream jobs in their dream companies!


Animation and Graphic Designing Course in Kochi

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